About Escaped Psychiatrist.



EP started out focusing on Depression, which is the most disabling condition in the UK today, with the possible exception of backache. But is Depression an illness, or is it an indication that modern life is bad for you?

Later on, the focus widens a little, taking in a bit of history, some commentary on mental health developments, and a sideways look at the NHS.

These articles are largely the result of conversations with depressed people, friends, colleagues and other professionals. Often they occur in response to articles in the media. They are aimed at anyone with an interest in mental health.

As a declaration of interest: Tim, who writes EP, has no connection with any drug company, other company, either private or charitable, and has no private practice or product to promote.

Tim is a Fellow of the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists but does not sit on any committees or hold any official position.

Some pieces have a serious point to make, some are just silly, some are in between. Tim has his own favourites, but they don’t seem to be the most popular ones. A lot of them were written very quickly on Tuesday mornings, when Tim pointlessly created a deadline for himself, pretending to be a proper writer. Tim takes most of the photographs, though he will purloin one if it’s better than his own.

One theme is how toxic the modern world can be if you don’t stay in tune with it. Another strand looks at the history of psychology and psychiatry, as well as current issues, trying to understand what works and what doesn’t.

After a while a theme might or might not become apparent. To give you a clue, the golden rule is this: it’s not the thought that counts. It’s the action.


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2 thoughts on “About Escaped Psychiatrist.

  1. I’ve often wondered- If somebody with Dissociative Identity Disorder threatens to kill himself, should this be considered a hostage situation?

    Your thoughts EP?

  2. Shooting the hostage was the solution in Speed, if I remember rightly. There was a famous case report in 1984 of a person deluded he had two heads shooting himself in the phantom head. Luckily he chose the right one!
    BJP August 1984 145:193-4;
    EP is out by the way. I’m Maurice.

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